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Will, Trust, & Power of Attorney …

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Simplest way to create your will, living trust, and power of attorney forms with legal information to help you complete your estate planning easily, accurately, and with forms you can understand.Written and edited by licensed attorneys for use in all 50 States and Washington, D.C.For baby boomers, their parents, and American’s of all ages, this book is essential if you want to understand your estate planning documents while you are creating them. At Peerless Legal, we take pride in writing in plain language tailored for use by non-lawyers. To be useful, we believe this book had to avoid legal jargon and where the legal jargon is part of the law, we provide easy to understand explanations along with the jargon. In designing this book for non-lawyers, we tried to provide multiple ways of defining terms and concepts. If you are looking to create an estate plan you can understand or are looking to understand more about what your lawyer can do for you, then this book was written with you in mind.
Estate planning can help you and your family. For you, an estate plan can provide peace of mind from knowing that you have taken steps to make the transition of your stuff after your death a little easier. For your family, your estate plan can help them better deal with your death by not being distracted by what to do with your stuff, who will have to pay for you final arrangements, and what kind of a final arrangement did you want. With this book, you can make your wishes known. You can also leave a letter for your loved ones to help them deal with your death.
˃˃˃ Sample Forms Include:Wills:
-Last Will and Testament (for single and married couples),
-Self-Proving Affidavits,
-and Living Will.
-Single Person Living Trust,
-Shared Living Trust,
-and AB Living Trust (with and without Disclaimer Statement).
Power of Attorney:
-Healthcare Durable Power of Attorney,
-Financial Durable Power of Attorney,
-and Minor Child Care Limited Power of Attorney.˃˃˃ This book also includes a detailed organizer to help you get your estate records in order.No CDs | No Confusing Online Application Forms | No Monthly (Or Hourly) Fees
Save Time | Save Money | Make It Legal | Learn BasicsScroll up and grab a copy today.

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